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Material Dashboard Admin Angular Details

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Change Log

Version 2.0: i18n RTL Support added
MDL Removed
File sizes reduced

Version 1.6: Updated to Angular 1.4.8
Version 2.0.1: Updated to Angular 1.5.7

Material Design + Angular Dashboard = Elegant User Experience!

Material Admin Dashboard brings Google’s Material to Angular Admin Dashboard Theme.
Created for developers to help them with the design and components.

  • Google Material Grid System (Flexbox)
  • Interactive components.
  • Easy Options for customisations.
  • Card based design for pluggable interface.
  • Login, Profile, Inbox, Invoice and lots of more pages.
  • Inbuilt Utoo Material animated graph and chart components.
  • Polymer Paper elements as AngularJS directives.
  • Gulp Ready (1 step build process)
  • i18n RTL Supported

Material Design with AngularJS

Material Admin implements custom Angular Components enabling you to write shorter, semantic markup. Say Goodbye to unwieldy classnames and spaghetti code!


Interactive Widgets

To Do Widget
Weather Widget

Interactive Graph and Chart components

Material Admin uses the aesthetically beautiful charting libraries Chart.js and C3.js in the Admin app. We used the awesome libraries to write all the charting components (Line, Area, Stacked, Bar, Column, Pie and Donut) that power Material Admin Charts.


Ready to use pages

invoice profile1 Screenshot from 2015-06-23 15:09:42

Material Dashboard empowers developers to create complex layouts using CSS Flexbox. It is responsive and works perfectly on Mobile and Tablets. Pretty much every example page showcased in the demo makes use of Panels for layout.


Gulp is a streaming build system. It’s use of streams and code-over-configuration makes for a simpler and more intuitive build system. Material Dashboard’s Asset Pipeline depends entirely on Gulp as its backbone. Everything is automated: be it compiling JS, Less or even WebFonts!

Also available in other frameworks