StrapUI brings a new flavour to the default design of Twitter’s Bootstrap framework. StrapUI lets you Browse and Download Free Bootstrap themes and Buy Premium Bootstrap themes. Bootstrap brought a revolution to the web and we have millions of websites using the same boring default Bootstrap design. StrapUI is here for the rescue, an overlay design over Bootstrap so that your website stands out.

Why is Bootstrap Awesome?

Nerds and programmers crave for awesome UI experience but without designers it used to be a tough job. With Bootstrap nerds can easily build beautiful user experience with ready-to-use components which is supported across all major browsers.

Stay modern with StrapUI Bootstrap

StrapUI adds a new and modern design to Bootstrap with almost no effort. All you need to do is replace Bootstrap’s CSS with any of the StrapUI’s templates’ CSS and you are ready to go. StrapUI themes adapts Bootstrap’s patterns and gives a new look to your existing pages.

And yes, its Responsive

In a nutshell, Responsive means Mobile, Tablet and Desktop friendly design. Resize this window and see how this website appears accross different resolutions. You will love it.

Add more essential compoents with

Many other essential components needed for web development are missing in Bootstrap. ExtendBootstrap is our Open-source project which comes packed with many components like Date time picker, Color picker, Modal alert and confirm boxes, pie chard, line graph, slider with 3D effects, knob input, jQuery UI components, On/Off switches and many more. Go ahead and give ExtendBootstrap a try.